Power to the players?

World sport, and in particular football, has changed so much in the last decade, or maybe two decades. Once upon a time, in the world of football, the football manager was the source of all power and authority.

Brian Clough and Sir Alex Ferguson are the two names I associate with power and authority are these two legendary managers, who are the embodiment of how a manager should be.

In the modern day, there are Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel who are three men who know to handle players. I raise this issue of the need to be handle players, becase player power has become too much.

Paul Pogba, seems to be the most obvious one, but Antonio Rudiger, Kylian Mbappe are examples of other players too, who are the epitome of player power getting out of hand. I am sure there are more, many more.

When Bosman, fought his case in the 90’s in that high profile case, which ultimately saw the Bosman rule being introduced, then one shouldn’t be too surprised of the current state of the game today.

Too many players, are winding contracts down, and they can as it’s been made acceptable almost. The signing on fees, the players can get, the bigger wages they can get, it needs to be looked at.

Football players are human beings and I get that, but lower than the football pyramid, they don’t have such luxuries. I miss the days of Sir Alex, not taking players holding clubs to ransom.

Pogba, be it through his agent is holding Man United to ransom, Fergie wouldn’t have resigned him for one, but two he would have been off by now! Pep, to his credit, addressed the issue with Leroy Sane and Ferran Torres admirably, both stated they wanted moves and law behold one player is in Catalonia and the other Bavaria respectively.

My two cents on the matter there, but do you agree?


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