Power to the players?

World sport, and in particular football, has changed so much in the last decade, or maybe two decades. Once upon a time, in the world of football, the football manager was the source of all power and authority. Brian Clough and Sir Alex Ferguson are the two names I associate with power and authority areContinue reading “Power to the players?”

Unpopular opinion; It’s partly Fergie’s fault

Hello sports fans, good morning I hope you’re well, in good health and looking after yourselves. I started a series called the Unpopular Opinion series. Now, this isn’t a click bait posting, this is an article, where I Ayyaz Malik, the chief sports writer of the-sports-buff.com, write an opinion piece, that I can concede won’tContinue reading “Unpopular opinion; It’s partly Fergie’s fault”