Some players who don’t get enough respect

When I was younger, little old sports loving, sports obsessed me used to think what those men around the table would say in the middle of a game (half time), or when they sat next to each other on a sofa was fact.

In recent times, of course women are now brought into summarise games. Here, at we want to make something crystal clear. Man or women pundit, if you have a questionable view, it needs to be spoken about.

From Gabby Agonbanlahor and Jamie O’Hara, Jason Cundy to Karen Carney , all of these pundits question, how they have managed to get to such a standing.

Simply put the Talk Sport gang or 99% of them anyway, but yes I still listen/watch the station, just so I can argue me and them through the radio/behind the computer screen.

To spare those pundits for one article at least, this is a direct response to one Mr Richard Keys. The former Sky presenter thinks new signing Wout Weghorst is a passenger in the Manchester United side. Richard, have you been watching United?

Other players the come into mind where pundits make lazy judgements is of Emile Heskey, Roberto Firmino and Joelinton. With the example of Newcastle’s Joelinton, I was wrong about him, I was critical of him, but did realise he offers more than just goals.

The selfless play that Joelinton did, really went under the radar. Football has to thank Eddie Howe for boldly changing him into a central-midfielder. If the former Bournemouth manager didn’t do what he did, the football community would still be slating him.

Bringing the discussion back to the 30-year-old Burnley striker, yes he has missed some chances, but his other aspects of his games have been outstanding.

In the modern game, pressing by all players is necessary and it’s something that the Netherland’s forward does superbly. He’s always top of Manchester United’s pressure stats, if not top definitely near the top.

I am adamant on this, but in turn Wout Weghorst doing the dirty work and graft has allowed Marcus Rashford to have the best goal scoring season in his career.

Not all the footballing takes that I make are correct, of course not, I will get things wrong, but some of the view points in the football world, border on offensive.

He’s been a God send. Anthony Martial is always injured and in the circumstances of Man United being able to go for loan signings in January, they could have done a whole lot worse.

The signing of Burnley forward Weghorst, reminds me of the shock signing of Odion Igahlo. Sometimes there is methods to what seems very apparent madness.

So sports fans, if there are any other highly inaccurate footballing takes, we are here to tackle them head on.

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2 responses to “Some players who don’t get enough respect”

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    You’re an amazing commentator. Your analysis is always spot on.

    I really appreciate your work.
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    1. Thank you, you don’t know how much I appreciate the kind words. 🙂


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