World Cup 2002 is that you?

This World Cup has been quite simply brilliant! Critics will say, there have been several 0-0 draws, but the giant killings? Saudi Arabia beating Argentina and the win for Japan, wow!
I am 36 years (young, yes I am getting to that age of being young, rather than old). This World Cup has been very politically charged. Here at, we’re not politicians, we let them tackle the issues in the region.

Here, we (me and my brother-in-law and more staff to come) are passionate sports fans, who like to air our feelings on a blank paper shall we say. Our sister site will be more rounded on matters news, humour and everything else in between, so do check that out.

PS, sadly I am too fat to fit in a suit, so yes for sure being a politician isn’t for me, as well as I try to answer a question that’s asked of me. In Japan and South Korea, the shocks were many, and I get the same vibe here.
Teams are playing with no fear. Saudi as mentioned did well against La Albiceleste, even when they went a goal down, they weren’t out of the game. Yes, they lost against Poland, but the Arabian side had spirit a plenty.

The same can be said of Japan too. The German team they were up against, were no doubt overwhelming favourites, but the Asian side made a mockery of that.

Ecuador too, acquitted themselves against Louis Van Gaal’s Holland team, by earning a battling 1-1 draw. In so many tournaments, it’s been normal service (with the greatest respect) and that hasn’t made for good viewing.
In this World Cup, there was the 6-2 drubbing of Iran, inflicted by England and Costa Rica’s 7-0 walloping at the hands of Spain, but the shocks have been, well shocking.

As much as the two broadcasters are trying to turn this tournament into a political one, it should be noted that this World Cup is causing upsets, and that’s great for the neutral.

History, and when we look back on things, will always be looked at differently, but historians of tomorrow year, read this blog … It will tell you the truth. Qatar 2022, did have 0-0 draws, but it was a good tournament.
It brought us the first winter World Cup, which will be an unprecedented achievement. Thanks, Qatar.

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