Four down two to go!

Barcelona, that in the football world would be the ideal name for a comedy venue. From hiring out Camp Nou for weddings (yes other clubs do it and I am still not sold on the idea), to selling parts of grass off the football pitch, The Catalan’s never do normal, nor like a quiet night in do they?

After their much publicised transfer window, which has seen the what I called the ‘one night in Vegas approach’, where Barca are like a punter in a casino willing to win big, despite how much they lose to get there, Barcelona are still not out of the woods yet.

It has been confirmed that Frank Kessie, Andreas Christensen (who both could have left the club for free due to the financial turmoil), Robert Lewandowski and Raphinha have been cleared to play in Barca’s league opener against Rayo Vallacano, after the club activated yet another economic lever to get the quarter registered .

With the confirmation of that news, one would have thought the Barcelona circus that’s been in affect in full flow, would be coming to an end, but no this is Catalan giants Barcelona we are talking about, they still need to register Ousmane Dembele and Sergi Roberto (two players who agreed new deals).

With the reappointment of Joan Laporta as president, replacing Josep Bartomeu, many Barca would have been romanticising about the glory days, but the harsh reality is, those days are a long way away.

Covid, was merciless to all in it’s wake, football clubs and businesses were not spared. But Barca haven’t done themselves any favours in this half decade either.

Ridiculous money spent on players and excessive wages given to players who failed in the Championship (yes I am referring to and disrespecting Martin GOAT Braithwaite).

Football is a very unusual industry and has been even more so in Covid times. Cut’s have been made and players have not been paid wages or paid less of a salary for the best part of a year. This doesn’t happen in any other job does it?

Cry me a river, you will say and to a point I will say it’s right to say that, but what’s their right for a livelihood is their right. It’s not the player’s fault that football is an uncontrollable financial juggernaut.

Two players who are identified as needing to take a wage cut are Frenkie De Jong and Martin Braithwaite. There is of course Samuel Umtitti too, but again Barca have themselves to blame for this mess.

Some of it is Covid, the reason why The Catalan’s are feeling financial pinch, but they have made some embarrassing gaffs along the way. De Jong has a right to fight for the money he is owed and to have the contract he signed honoured.

The same can be said with Braithwaite. How will Barcelona get those last two players registered? It appears to be seen, but Frenkie De Jong and Martin Braithwaite have every right to stand their ground.

Maybe if outcast Memphis Depay leaves, that could help? If it does, Memphis run, the Camp Nou which was once a footballing plaza, inside is now like the leading tower of pizza!

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