When you know it’s summer (in the sporting sense)

Hello, good afternoon sports fans, I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and are in good health. As discussed in previous articles, we here at The Sports Buff, want to look at sports, but through a different lens if you like.

We have spoke about school cricket, back garden cricket and football, but here we want to talk about when sporting wise, you know it’s summer. The obvious sign is when your local park is full, people getting their exercise and they’re running and building a sweat.

In the summer on the whole, you will see people driving with their convertible roofs down, in the case of most with music full blast, is what some of us do, yours truly included, but not the music part.

As mentioned in the previous blog about football, in the back garden and cricket too, is of course sensical as the weather would be too warm to stay inside. Me and the kids of today, are a different era, I am not so sure if it’s a thing of today, but we as kids would run around chasing the neighbours kids as part of play time.

Then, we would see that as fun time, now though, yes it’s fun time, but it’s good cardio! Not all, but most kids would be hard pushed to get off their consoles. The consoles aren’t actually all bad, like the Nintendo Wii, but nothing beats some crisp air or the warm sunshine.

Water fights, used to be the order of the day in the afternoon for us kids. Water guns, chasing after each other, dodging your opponent who was trying to soak you with water gun shots, caution needed indeed.

I have a question, is this a thing anymore? Hope so, really do. Outdoor activities is naturally something which you will do when the sun is out, o water about volley ball at the beach and actually getting good exercise by going on a long walk along the beach.

Sports fans, hopefully we have given a lot of examples here, but is there anything we might have missed? Let us know in the comments. Thanks to our partner Fragrance one, who have kindly given us a discount code, that you can benefit from.

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