Welcome to the Arsenal show; Aubame who?

Arsenal Captain Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is no longer club captain after disciplinary breach. L

Hello and good evening sports fans, as I am sure you know, it’s been confirmed that Arsenal have stripped Pierre Emerick Aubameyang of the Arsenal Captain.

The Gabonese forward whose into his second year of a lucrative three-year deal, has seen his form decline rapidly since penning that new deal not too long after their FA Cup over Chelsea two seasons ago.

There have been some unforeseen circumstances, such as the former Dortmund man catching malaria, amongst other issues, but this latest case of off the field matters is what’s broke the camels back for Gunners boss Mikel Arteta.

But after this news in regards to the Arsenal captaincy, it seems like no one want’s the top job on the field for the North Londoners. Gallas, Koscielny, Xhaka and now Auba who took over from Granit Xhaka after he had that episode with the fans when getting subbed off, have all had the captaincy and lost it due to lack of professionalism let’s just say.

Rumour has it that Lacazette will be given the arm band, but isn’t he leaving come the end of the season? I don’t know, just can’t make sense of it all. It’s like these Arsenal players are treating the arm band like the ring in the lord of the rings. Everyone avoided wearing it in the film.

Our choice for the armband? Kieran Tierney. Why? Well from what we have seen of the Scott he’s naturally a commanding figure, we think he can inspire others as a result. It’s yours the club captaincy if you want it Kieran, it seems like no one else wants it!


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