They’re back

They were shaken, but not stirred. After a tricky four-game period, which included a defeat at home to Manchester City, Arsenal have followed that up with battling wins against Aston Villa and Leicester.

It was suggested by some pundits, that the 4-2 win away to Aston Villa was a bad sign for Arsenal, but anyone with sense, would see that on the contrary, The Gunners battling back in a game that they might have lost shows the battling spirit they have.

Last year, Mikel Arteta’s men finished fifth in the league and in many games, you expected them to drop points last term and they did. This season however it’s not been the case and there are several examples of this.

The late winner against Manchester United just only goes to show that this Arsenal side are resilient, ironically the North Londoners scored a late goal against the side who were famed in the 90s for late goals.

Scoring late goals show’s that a side can go till the very end, this is an impressive sign. Other impressive signs for Arsenal have been in the Aston Villa game for example. The Arsenal of old would have lost at Villa Park, but this side found a way to win.

To keep Tony Cascarino happy, they won 1-0 away from home against Leicester. It should have been 2-0 as I am dumbfounded that Leandro Trossard’s goal was ruled out for a foul on the goalkeeper. There was me thinking goalies were the tough men.

Critics will try to beat Arsenal with the defeats to Manchester City and Everton, which will of course happen, but it’s a long season. Everton are fighting for their lives down at the bottom, which sporting laws define that the team at the bottom, tends to win against the team at the top.

There’s a lot to like about this Arsenal team. They have a very solid goalkeeper in Aaron Ramsdale, who ironically suffered two relegations and now looks well set to win a championship medal.

The defence is solid too with Gabriel and William Saliba at the heart of the defence. So good has this pair been for Arsenal that Ben White is playing right-back and he too is playing well.

Further up the pitch, The Gunners have a good side, but against the elite sides, the Man Citys of this world, they’ve struggled. One reason for that appears to be that on the day Thomas Partey was injured, which proved to be a massive loss.

On the day City outthought and outmanoeuvred the Arsenal. The last example is a blot of the near-perfect book of achievements. Two points with a game in hand is a significant lead, but not a massive one.

To Arsenal’s credit, they have done everything nearly perfectly so far. One of the only things that could stop Mikel Arteta’s men from winning the Premier League is themselves.

The sight of the finishing line might give them the jitters. If it does, then know it’s happened to many other teams, such as Liverpool. Arsenal, try not to do a Liverpool.

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